Funeral Facility

and Muslim Burial Services


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Allah swt has given us a way of life that includes all our actions from birth to death. It’s an Islamic obligation to fulfill the right of the deceased by giving a Ghusl (final bath for the deceased) and burial in compliance with Islamic teachings. Center for Islamic Teachings and Community Development is proposing a facility for Ghusl, shrouding (Kafn) and funeral prayer (Salatul-Janaza).

  • First community owned facility of its kind in the south side of Chicagoland

  • Permit already approved by City of Harvey

  • Facility will be operated on a not-for-profit model for the benefit of the community with special consideration for deserving families

  • Owned and operated exclusively by Muslims and for Muslim deceased only

  • Immediate access to I-80, I-294, I-57, I-90/94, State Highway 83, Route 6 and Route 1.

  • All located within 5 minutes from the CITCD facility.

  • Easy access by public transport. Walking distance from main bus terminus for PACE and Metra electric line.

  • Indoor heated accommodation for 500 brothers and 500 sisters simultaneously (for recitation of Quran, private space for prayer and social support for the family of deceased)

  • Fully separate, congruent and spacious facility for sisters with recreation area for children

  • Lounge for members of other faiths to wait during Janaza salat

  • Ample on-site and street parking

  • No outlet street ensures privacy

  • Good working relationship with city government and larger community in Harvey,IL

  • Accessible 24/7/365 with 35 Muslim families living on the block adjacent to the CITCD facility with 40 years of community presence

  • Located within walking distance of multiple Muslim homes across the Masjid in Harvey

  • Counseling and guidance for washing, preparing the deceased for burial and performing Janaza Salat provided by Islamic scholars according to the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah and directed by a licensed Muslim funeral director

  • Muslim community can save thousands of dollars each year by owning our very own facility. These precious resources can be used for more constructive endeavors

  • Islamic bereavement and grief counseling

Proposed project details for funeral facility including the required wudu,

washroom area and kitchen


  • Washing (Ghusl) and preparation (Kafn) tables for deceased

  • 2 freezers for storing deceased

  • Total 12 washrooms for brothers and sisters sections

  • Total 12 wudu stations for brothers and sisters sections

  • Two shower stalls

  • New HVAC

  • New electric

  • New plumbing

  • Audio system for the facility

  • New windows

  • Existing roof repair

  • Dry wall in funeral prayer area

  • Resurfacing floor in prayer area

  • Multipurpose commercial kitchen

  • Office renovation

  • Landscaping

  • Exterior paint for the building


Anyone interested in sponsoring any of the above items, please contact us.

CITCD strives to serve the community by providing an avenue

for Islamic education and community development.

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